The leader of the Islamic State has been arrested in Turkey, the server writes

Odatv claims that Quraysh did not resist and is now being questioned by the secret service. According to this server, his arrest will be announced by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the coming days. For several days, Kurajší was monitored by counterterrorism agents who worked with foreign counterparts.

Hasan Hashimi Quraysh became the leader of the IS in March this year after the previous IS leader Abu Ibrahim Hashimi Quraysh died in early February during a US special forces operation in northwestern Syria. The operation took place on the direct orders of US President Joe Biden, according to which Quraysh detonated a bomb during the operation, thus killing himself and members of his family.

Ibrahim Hashimi Quraysh has led the IS since 2019, when he was killed in a similar US operation by his predecessor, Abu Bakr Baghdadi. The Middle East Eye reported that according to the Iraqi secret service, the last IS leader, now allegedly arrested in Turkey, is the brother of Abu Bakr Baghdadi, who reported the caliphate (government of the head of the Muslim community) in 2014 in the conquered territories of Iraq and Syria.

IS radicals began to occupy large areas in Iraq and Syria in 2014 and enforced their strict interpretation of Islamic Sharia law in the conquered territories. At one time, they controlled almost half of Syria and about a third of Iraq. The civil war in Syria contributed to their expansion. In Iraq, the IS was defeated in 2017, and in Syria in March 2019. In both countries, however, it still has smaller cells that continue to commit attacks. IS branches also operate in other countries, carrying out assassinations, for example, in Afghanistan or in some African countries.

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