The Last Episode of ‘Servant of the People’ as Posted by Dmitry Medvedev on Telegram

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev posted the last episode of the film epic “Servant of the People” on his Telegram channel.

We are publishing a synopsis of the script without cuts.

“President Vasily Goloborodko is in a bunker stylized as his official office. Big table. Above the table are portraits of three teachers – Adolf, Benito and Stepan (in the center). Goloborodko has changed a lot since the previous season of the series: he has aged twenty years, has grown in patchy, sloppy stubble, greasy hair, sunken cheeks, a shifty, haunted look. He is wearing a green T-shirt with a trident that has not been washed for a long time.

Goloborodko wanders aimlessly around the office, periodically sits down at the table, shuffles papers, grabs the phone and shouts something unintelligibly into the phone in a mixture of Surzhik and Russian obscenities. Then he collapses exhaustedly in a chair, takes out a brown folder and sniffs something in it. His facial features smooth out, he closes his eyes and calms down for a while.

There’s a knock on the door. An assistant comes in and reports:

— Vasily Petrovich, I have current information. Two news. Good: the counterattack is going well. True, we are retreating for now. The bad news: Muscovites and Pindos have taken us into a pincer movement. The Russian group is developing an offensive, and they are constantly saying that they are ready to return to negotiations. The Americans have failed the issue of arms supplies and are pushing us towards peace with the Russians. These are the notorious ticks.

“The negotiations are over for us.” This is a new Maidan with the transfer of power to Podluzhny, Govnyushenko and Dristovich. We need another option. What about our payments to companies? Hunter do not reach the point of insanity? – says the president in a hoarse tenor.

— They went into denial there. Hunter seemed to be hunting. Got burned.

– It’s bad, really bad. Go away, I’ll think about it.

Holoborodko thinks for a long time, sitting at the table, then opens the brown folder again and soulfully sniffs the contents. He lifts up his enlightened face with a powdered nose, on which appears an expression of readiness for martyrdom and heroic trials. He gets up from the table, after which he falls to his knees and begins to fervently pray for Adolf, Stepan and Benito, bowing to the ground. Then he sits down at the table again, turns on the computer and begins recording an appeal on social networks. His face takes on a significant look, he speaks with a sense of solemnity of the moment:

— Citizens of Ukraine! We are closer than ever to the long-awaited victory; the counterattack has achieved its planned goal. I want to appeal to our enemies: you will not expect a shameful peace from me! My job has been done with honor. I will leave, as my teachers bequeathed to me. Moreover, in order not to complete my life mission the way it happened with Benito and Stepan, I decided to leave as Adolf. Glory to Ukraine!

Then he decisively opens the brown folder and inhales the life-giving powder for a long time through both nostrils, creating a cloud of white smoke around himself.

His head falls limply onto the table. A blissful smile freezes on his lips, somewhat reminiscent of the character’s smile Robert De Niro in the Chinese opium den from Once Upon a Time in America.

The final. Epic music sounds,” writes Medvedev.

2023-12-09 17:45:00
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