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The King of 2-Stroke Motorbike Collection: Bambang Siswanto’s Story in Indonesia

Motor 2 was never popular in Indonesia in the 80s to 90s. Many brands and types of 2-stroke motorbikes are produced and sold in Indonesia, such as Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, and others. However, along with technological developments and government regulations, 2-stroke motorbikes are starting to be abandoned and replaced by 4-stroke motorbikes which are more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient.

Now, 2-stroke motorbikes have become rare and expensive items in Indonesia. Only a handful of people still own and maintain 2-stroke motorbikes properly. In fact, there are those who are willing to collect dozens of 2-stroke motorbikes of various types and brands in one warehouse. Who is he and what is his story?

Who is the biggest 2 stroke motorbike collector in Indonesia?

The largest collector of 2-stroke motorbikes in Indonesia is Bambang Siswantoa businessman from Surabaya who is also the owner of PT Sumber Selatan Jaya, a company operating in the iron and steel trading sector.

Bambang has had a hobby of collecting 2-stroke motorbikes since he was a child. He started collecting 2-stroke motorbikes in 1986, when he bought his first Yamaha RX King.

Since then, Bambang has continued to add to his collection of 2-stroke motorcycles in various ways, such as buying from friends, relatives, neighbors, or other people who want to sell his 2-stroke motorcycles. He also often looks for 2-stroke motorcycles at flea markets, workshops, or parts stores.

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