the key art of the cover in high resolution images

Back from Yharnman with the video di Bloodborne a 60fps, youtuber Lance McDonald showed very high resolution images of the key art used by Sony for the cover of Demon’s Souls on PS5.

The content creator has divided the artwork, created by the designers of the Bluepoint studios, to highlight the different sections that make up the splendid key art of the Demon’s Souls Remake that will embellish the cover of the exclusive PS5. The images thus show the Main character, the goodness of the settings and the frightening creatures to have to cross in battle. In the background we also find the mighty dragon of the reveal trailer.

The box art di Demon’s Souls had already leaked at the beginning of September with the opening on Amazon Australia of the product sheets of many video games destined to land on the next Sony flagship console from November 19 on.

Before leaving you to McDonald’s tweet and the high-resolution images of the Bluepoint soulslike key art, we remind you that on the pages of you will find one Special on Demon’s Souls gameplay for PS5 signed by Giuseppe Arace, with many considerations on the gaming experience, graphics and content that awaits us for the launch of PlayStation 5.

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