The ingenious click of the Magic Keyboard trackpad

What a mysterious mystery is hidden under the trackpad of the Magic Keyboard ? The friendly handymen ofiFixit continued their exploration of the excellent device for iPad Pro to discover an ingenious system.

For this trackpad, Apple has not reused Force Touch technology at work on MacBooks and the Magic Trackpad. The manufacturer preferred to rely on a mechanical module that allows you to click from anywhere on the surface, including in the corners, which is often the Achilles heel of mechanical trackpads.

Under the plastic layer of the Magic Keyboard trackpad, there is a central button that records finger pressure there. When the finger position is not central, it is a clever lever mechanism that takes over and “forces” the button to click.

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The trackpad is also the only relatively simple component to remove from the accessory. Lovers of beautiful things can take a look at his insides in these striking x-ray photos.


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