The increase in the price of gold nowadays, Friday, August 26, 2022

go up gold rate These days, Friday 26 August 2022, in Egypt, in the area current market, in total investing.

Gold prices have greater by £ 5 for 21 karats, the most well-known in the Egyptian industry, £ 5.75 for 24 karats and close to £ 4.15 for 18 karats.

The 21-carat price tag in gold shops was £ 1082 for the invest in, in comparison to £ 1072 for the sale, and 24-karat, the rate of £ 1236.5 for the obtain, compared to £ 1224.5 for the sale.

And the caliber 18 was registered in suppliers, the place it recorded £ 927.4 for invest in, compared to £ 918.75 for sale, and the caliber 14 registered about £ 723.3 for acquire, in comparison to 716. , £ 75 for the sale.

The price of the pound gold in the community current market has greater by 40 lbs, to 8656 pounds, and this price does not involve labor, taxes or stamp duty.

Gold charges now, Friday, August 26, 2022, in Arab nations around the world fell in the midst of investing.

The cost of gold in the United Arab Emirates

The rate of 24-karat gold stands at 206.25 dirhams

The cost of 22 carat gold is 189.06 dirhams

The value of 21-karat gold records 180.47 dirhams

The rate of 18-karat gold registered 154.69 dirhams

The price of 14-karat gold stands at 120.31 dirhams

The selling price of gold in Kuwait

The price of 24-karat gold registered 17.29 dinars

The price of 22-karat gold recorded 15.85 dinars

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The selling price of 21-karat gold recorded 15.13 dinars

The cost of 18-karat gold recorded 12.97 dinars

The selling price of 14-karat gold recorded 10.08 dinars

The selling price of gold in Saudi Arabia

The price tag of 24 karat gold registered 210.39 riyals

The rate of 22-karat gold registered 192.85 riyals

The rate of 21-karat gold registered 184.09 riyals

The selling price of 18-karat gold registered 157.79 riyals

The rate of 14 karat gold registered 122.73 riyals

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