The incidence rate of COVID-19 in Asturias already exceeds that of Madrid | BE Gijón | Today for Today Gijón

It has been a few weeks since the coronavirus has caught cruising speed in Asturias and, despite the fact that in the last two days, the figures have been lower, the incidence rate still very high. So much that already surpasses Madrid in the two indicators, to 14 days already seven days. In the first case, Asturias presents somewhat more than 416 cases per 100,000 inhabitants while Madrid has a figure slightly higher than the 403. In the second, the Principality registers 228 in front of 187 of the community.

The situation in Asturias is perfectly summed up with one piece of information: the past September 29th the incidence was 119 cases. Today that incidence has skyrocketed to 416. It is more than triple in just over a month. Gijón continues to be the municipality with the highest rate in Asturias (756), Meanwhile in Aviles is below the regional average (387), like Oviedo (243), councils in which a certain stabilization can be seen.


The rapid increase in patients has already forced reduce activity in the large hospitals of Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés “to the attention to emergencies, non-delayed pathologies and preferential consultations or tests “, according to the manager of the Principality Health Service, Concepción Saavedra.

After indicating that there are 1,700 more professionals than a year ago, the Sespa manager has acknowledged that medical and surgical services must be reorganized, especially in the field of nursing, to attend to the new covid plants that are being opened and have all the resources foreseen in the contingency or rapid response plan.

For the first time they will also make use of the peripheral hospitals to care for patients with coronavirusArriondas already receives them, at the end of the week the one from Cangas del Narcea and that of Jarrio will do so from the following-, the assembly of the auxiliary hospital of the fairground of Gijón has begun, which as of November 9 will have 144 beds, and consultations with private clinics have begun to determine how many beds they can have.

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