The Importance of Using a Dish Drying Rack in Your Kitchen: Top Functions and Types

JAKARTA, – A dish drying rack is one of the important kitchen equipment to have. This shelf is usually made of wood, plastic or aluminum and can be placed near the sink.

As the name suggests, this rack is used to dry plates and other cutlery after washing. This drying rack is not only used to dry cutlery, but can also be used to beautify the kitchen.

Apart from that, there are several other functions of this kitchen equipment. Reporting from Houze, Saturday (2/12/2023), here is the importance of using a dish drying rack that you need to know.

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Maintain cleanliness


dish drying dish rack near the sink

After washing the cutlery, you can put the cutlery on the drying rack. Apart from making cutlery dry quickly, the rack is also useful for maintaining cleanliness.

By placing it on a clean shelf, the cutlery that has been washed will be protected from invisible germs.

It would be better if you choose a shelf that has a cover, so that no dust sticks to the cutlery.

Maintain cutlery so that it is not easily damaged

Another important thing about using a dish drying rack is to keep cutlery from being easily damaged.

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If you put clean cutlery in any place, it is possible that the utensils will be damaged or broken as a result of being accidentally knocked over. Apart from that, the kitchen also becomes neater and more organized.

Easy to use

Another reason many people use dish drying racks is because they are easy to use. You just put it near the sink.

Then, arrange the cutlery that has been washed and leave it until the cutlery is dry. Once dry, store the cutlery in a drawer or dish storage area in the kitchen.

Save space

Dish drying racks are usually not too big. Therefore, this kitchen equipment does not require a lot of space.

Apart from that, this shelf can also be placed near the sink, so it doesn’t interfere with mobility in the kitchen.

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Type of dish drying rack

After knowing the importance of using a dish drying rack, now you can immediately choose the type of rack according to your needs. There are several types of dish drying racks that you can choose from.

Shutterstock/Natallia Ustsinava

shelf in the sink

1. Dish rack above the sink

One type of drying rack that you can use is the rack above the sink. This shelf can save space, making the room still feel spacious.

2. Wall mounted dish rack

Apart from placing a shelf above the sink, you can also use a dish rack mounted on the wall. A plate rack placed on the wall will become a focal point in the room and make the kitchen look more attractive.

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3. Dish rack in the sink

Another type of shelf that you can choose is a dish rack that is placed in the sink. Placing shelves like this will save space.

Apart from that, keep the kitchen table dry and clean because water from washed cutlery will drip directly into the sink.

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