The Importance of Cross-Border Workforce and Remote Employment in Latvia

The Importance of Cross-Border Workforce and Remote Employment in Latvia

Lina Laas September 26, 2023 8:37 a.m

To address the aging workforce and the lack of specialists, Canada has announced a plan to welcome 500,000 immigrants a year by 2025. Why is it important for Latvia? Because the lack of labor and at the same time problems finding a suitable job in one’s specialty is also a problem in Latvia.

Taking into account the aging of the society, this problem will not lose its relevance, and for the time being, there are no other solutions than the influx of labor from other countries.

According to the data of the official statistics portal, the unemployment rate in Latvia has remained almost constant since the beginning of the year – around 6.5%. In July of this year, there were 62,200 unemployed people in Latvia. Although it tends to be easier for highly qualified specialists with excellent education to find work than for people without specific knowledge and skills, there is no doubt that among these 62,000 people there are also very good specialists.

Global Geography
As shown Share data, remote work across borders is by no means alien to Latvian companies and those professionals who are looking for opportunities in the labor market of other countries. With Share the most frequently hired professionals from Latvia are data analysts, software developers and programmers.

The fastest growing labor markets for Latvian companies are currently Egypt, the Philippines, Spain, Lithuania and Italy.

On the other hand, in Latvia, employees for remote work are most often hired from Egypt, Macedonia, Georgia, Estonia and Lithuania. The most sought-after industry professionals are: web developers, customer service managers, software developers and sales professionals. The most popular industries in which domestic companies hire employees for remote work are IT, software and systems developers, marketing, advertising, design, media, entertainment, travel and tourism.

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No more moving
Much of the remote work currently takes place in IT-related industries. This is not a surprise because, for example, programming is a job that can be done anywhere in the world, as long as there is a computer and the Internet. This opens up ample opportunities for companies to search for the best professionals not only in their country, but all over the world, while job seekers – to find their dream job in a global company, without changing their living conditions and family routine. Gone are the days when you had to move with your whole family and give up your usual environment, language, school, your children, your friends and your favorite places of rest.

At the same time, remote migration of employees solves quite everyday issues not only for the employee himself, for example, he does not have to look for a new place of residence or accommodation, he does not have to cover travel expenses, etc., but also for the employer – he does not have to arrange a residence permit for the employee, he does not have to pay travel and living expenses.

On the other hand, when hiring an employee in another country, there is a guarantee that this person is familiar with the local market, culture and customs, which facilitates learning a new territory for the company. Technical and legal nuances are helped to be settled by professionals who are familiar with each country’s labor legislation, tax policy, etc., and as a result, everyone benefits.

More opportunities and skills
In the race for top talent, it would be foolish to ignore the cross-border workforce. Recruiting globally has many significant advantages, such as greater coverage of time zones, more diverse language skills, greater experience and diversity of opinion.

The main obstacle to recognizing these benefits is still a somewhat disdainful attitude towards remote work.

However, one should be aware that with the aging of the society and the departure of the local labor force in search of a better life, this attitude will have to be changed, as foreign labor may turn out to be the only solution to the growing problems in the local labor market. It must be understood that the labor market has changed and we cannot ignore it. Employers who want to remain internationally competitive will increasingly have to look across borders for the right talent. For now, it only means gains.

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Liina Laas is an international personnel management platform Share expansion manager in Central and Eastern Europe.

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