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The housekeeper of the illusionist Dace Pecolli surprises her guests

The series of the show “Almost Ideal Dinner” has ended on the TV channel TV3, in which popular people demonstrate their cooking and hospitality skills. This week ‘s closing dinner was prepared by illusionist Dace Pecolli, and she had decided to surprise her guests not with food, writes “skaties.lv”.

In this series of shows, a colorful company visited each other – Aigars Kļavs, the winner of “Lauku sētas”, Mārtiņš Kapzems, event manager, Aija Selga-Brikmane, director of TV3’s new show “Operation: New Life”, and magician Dace Pecolli.

Dace had thought about making her visit unforgettable.

“This is no ordinary evening, this is a magical evening,” the housewife warned the guests and invited them to drink drinks that promised to disinfect the inside.

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During the evening, there was no shortage of surprises – first the housewife introduced her new pet to her pet – a bat named Pupukis, who left the guests with their mouths open, and soon a body cleansing ritual followed.

Before having a snack, Dace brought a “bat’s blood drink” to the table as an aperitif, served with “witch’s brooms” and made the guests blindfolded.

“I didn’t promise you food, I promised you Italian feelings,” the housewife said of the “surprise” that was served on the rhubarb leaves.


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