The hour of truth, second episode – Advances August 31st

The hour of truth returns with its second episode in the prime-time of Canale 5 on 31 August 2020. The French TV series will continue to tell us about the development of Clotilde’s investigations, in search of an answer: is mother Palma still alive?

The previews of The Hour of Truth reveal that we will discover something more about what happened in the Nineties, especially due to the threats received from the protagonist’s family. Who could want Paul and Palma to die?

The hour of truth, second episode – Anticipations and plot

Episode 4 – In ’94, Palma found wax dolls depicting his family in front of the door. The woman feels increasingly in danger, while Cassanu is freed and proposes a pact to Basile: to give up building the hotel in exchange for bringing Paul and Salome back to the island. Paul finds a photo of him with a baby in his arms and hides it. In the present, Valentine falls into the sea while climbing and it is revealed that someone has cut his harness.

Episode 5 – In the past, Palma decides to give her marriage a new chance. He did not succumb to the advances of Christmas, a man who lives as a hermit and who loves nature. Salome, however, threatens Paul after a face to face with Palma and forces him to sleep with her. There is also a child in the woman’s house. Back home, Paul decides to lie to his wife, who nevertheless suspects his betrayal. In the present, Clotilde finds a mother’s necklace on the bed where Orsu’s footprints are found.

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Episode 6 – In ’94, Salome openly threatens Palma and Paul decides to confess the betrayal, causing a break with his lover. Meanwhile, Clotilde becomes infatuated with Christmas, which she decides to leave when she discovers her love for Palma. In the present, Clotilde witnesses the exhumation of Palma’s body. The grandmother gives her a brush from which to extract the DNA and find out if the body belongs to the woman. The anticipations of The Hour of Truth reveal that Orsu will become the main suspect in the murder.

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