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Reporter Yang Qiaoqi/Comprehensive Report

Lu female model Naomi (Kang Yaxin) has a face that looks like a half-breed. She became popular because of her participation in the model reality show “The Road of Angels”. In addition, she had a high-profile relationship with her rapper boyfriend Alrocco in the past, which attracted many people’s attention, but she announced her breakup in 2018. It was later revealed that she was a habitual cheating offender who “slept halfway through the hip-hop circle”. Back then, she couldn’t stand the pressure of public opinion and cried and slashed her wrists. After three and a half years, she broke her silence and sent a long post to counterattack, which directly rushed to the Weibo hot search list.

▲ Naomi and Alrocco often show their affection publicly when they are dating. (Photo/Retrieved from Weibo/Naomikyx, ALROCCO)

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Naomi sent a long post on Weibo this morning (14th), expressing that she wanted to tell the “truth” that she had been hiding in the past. Recalling the first time she met, she felt that her ex-boyfriend Alrocco was a gentleman and polite. Both of them were not well-known at the time. However, I was very happy to accompany the other party to record songs and ride an electric car for a ride, but the more I got to the later stage, the more I felt that my boyfriend was stingy and stingy, as if he would not sponsor me for renting a house. After living together, all the daily groceries in the house were paid by the woman, plus The two like different food, almost each ordering their own delivery. “He has never ordered takeout for me once, and he has not ordered once in 4 years.”

In addition to the incompatibility of food and taste, the sex life of the two is also inconsistent. Naomi broke the news that Alrocco “can’t do anything anywhere” regardless of skills, time or size, and also analyzed the performance in percentages, “10 seconds at 30%, 10 seconds is almost over 30 times. 3 minutes 60% of the time; 15 minutes 10% of the time”, pointing out that the longest is 15 minutes, and even describing the size of his ex-boyfriend with the beauty brand MAC’s “bullet lipstick”, “Many people say I’m loose, but I It means that no one can tighten the mac bullet”, and even in the latter two years of the relationship, she strongly refused to have sex.

▲▼Naomi, Kang Yaxin.  (Picture / Retrieved from Instagram / naomikyxx)

▲ Naomi became popular for participating in a model selection reality show. (Picture / Retrieved from Instagram / naomikyxx)

As for being a habitual cheating offender, Naomi admitted that he had cheated twice. One was when he participated in a model reality show and fell in love with a Beijing man from the music group of the show. The other party took care of himself during the competition. With personal support, she was able to continue the race without breaking down, but after she was eliminated, the two had a relationship once and said goodbye, and she also admitted to Alrocco after returning home that she “falls in love with someone else”, but The two did not break up because of this.

The second time he cheated, Naomi felt that the experience of going to Los Angeles with Alrocco was not good. From then on, he chose to travel around by himself. A Rapper ex-boyfriend, whom he had dated when he was studying in Japan, stayed at the other party’s house for one night, and it happened. She described her state of mind at the time, “It’s really not going to work, you understand? I haven’t had sex for half a year, it’s really not going to work.”

▲ Naomi pointed out that her ex-boyfriend Alrocco was stingy and their sex life was inconsistent.  (Photo/Retrieved from Weibo/Naomikyx, ALROCCO)

▲ Naomi’s sour old love Alrocco “is like a lipstick”, which cannot meet her needs. (Photo/Retrieved from Weibo/Naomikyx, ALROCCO)

In fact, Naomi and Alrocco talked about marriage for 4 years. She admitted that since she was a child, she had a dream of getting married and starting a family, so she yearned for “marriage”, but felt that Alrocco was not the right person, and she struggled until a certain time. Both parents happened to return to the mainland from abroad. The man said that he wanted to let his parents live at home, and then paid her mother to live in a windowless hotel with more than 400 yuan (about NT$1,777), which made her unable to recognize her boyfriend. Take the last straw of your life.

Naomi crashes self-harm photo.  (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo / xxximkittyxx)

▲ When Naomi was reported cheating in 2018, she couldn’t stand the pressure of public opinion and self-harmed. (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo / xxximkittyxx)

At the end of the article, Naomi explained that she would cut her wrists and self-mutilate back then, mainly because she broke the news that she was a habitual offender, a friend she believed very much. She was still young, and felt that things had become too complicated to face. She just thought, “I pass out first and then wake up.” Now, looking back on it, she regrets it very much. She said that she will never be like this again in the future. Heart, “Some things are only strong after experience.”

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