The heart cannot comprehend it

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Emilia Komarnicka-Klynstra, mainly known from series “For better or for worse”, he is eager to participate in social media, where he shares his private life. She is also known for a variety of challenges. On Grandma’s Day, the star published a moving post on Instagram in which she says goodbye to her beloved member families. The actress shared the information that her grandfather Jan died on January 21, whom fans may know from the photos on her profile.

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Emilia Komarnicka-Klynstra experiences her son’s first day in kindergarten

Emil Komarnicka-Klynstra in mourning

On the profile actresses the challenge # wyrabiamynawykwdzięczności is underway. Every day Emilia adds an entry dedicated to what she is grateful for. However, her latest post is a sad confession. KomarnickaKlynstra in beautiful words she said goodbye to her grandfather. She announced that she is taking a break from Instagram for a while. She said she would come back to continue the challenge, but she is unable to do so at the moment.

Beloved, I am silent, although the challenge lasts, in addition, today is a holiday that one would like to write about endlessly. I am silent because I have to soothe my broken heart. My grandpa John, the best man in the world, about whom I have written more than once, an angel man, a man with the greatest heart, a man always aimed at people, our model, signpost, backbone, family doyen – has passed away. The heart cannot comprehend it, the mind cannot understand. I will come back to you in a moment, we will continue the challenge, but now I want to live it fully. And when it comes to GRATITUDE – for nothing in my life I was so grateful to God as for being from his blood, genes, experiences, heart.

Emilia Komarnicka-Klynstra celebrates her son’s ten months. “I am grateful to”

We send the most sincere condolences.

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