The head of Binance announced major deals and support for 180 fiat currencies in 2020

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of the popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance, said that his company is preparing to carry out several major strategic acquisitions in the new year.

“We are constantly discussing various strategic acquisitions. Some of them are important and designed to have a significant impact. We will report this in a timely manner. ”– emphasized Zhao.

He added that last year Binance made “at least nine acquisitions,” but only announced some of them publicly. Among them: analytic blockchain startup Dappreview, Indian cryptocurrency exchange Wazirx and little-known derivative platform Jex.

Also, according to Zhao, in 2020 Binance plans to add support for 180 fiat currencies. According to the information on the site, currently 20 national currency units are represented on the popular exchange.

In addition, Binance is working on a new Token Incentive Initiative (ETOP) initiative. It is a digital alternative to traditional Esopwhen employees are shareholders of their own enterprises.

Among other things, Zhao expressed confidence that by 2030, blockchain and cryptocurrencies will become ubiquitous and will be used to “pay for unmanned versions of Uber,” “buy things from the other side of the Earth and deliver them with drones,” as well as “finance research on biotechnological systems” . Distributed registry technology, in particular, will be widely involved in identification, in elections, social networks and other areas.

Also today it became known that Binance added various pairs with the euro:

… realized the possibility of staking token Loom:

… and added an isolated margin mode to the futures platform.

Recall, recently Binance added the ability to purchase cryptocurrencies using a Visa card.

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