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The gunsmith was unaware of the presence of live ammunition

The gunsmith employed on the film “Rust” said Friday that she had no knowledge of the presence of “live bullets” on the set where the director of photography was accidentally killed by actor Alec Baldwin.

The ranch where the tragedy took place.


This accident would never have happened “if live ammunition had not been introduced” on the set, underline the lawyers of Hannah Gutierrez Reed in a press release sent to AFP, rejecting any responsibility of their client in the death of filmmaker Halyna Hutchins last week in New Mexico, in the southwestern United States.

“Hannah has no idea where this live ammunition is coming from,” they say.

The specialist site The Wrap claimed, citing sources familiar with the filming, that some members of the film crew had used the revolver in question to fire live ammunition at cans of beer just hours before the accident.

On a film, the gunsmith is responsible for the weapons used during the various shots and must constantly ensure that they do not present any danger to the team. Firearms are supposed to be kept locked up when not in use.

Hannah Guttierez Reed, 24, “has never seen anyone fire live ammunition with these guns and she never would have allowed it,” the statement from attorneys Jason Bowles continued, saying “the guns were locked away every time. night and during meals ”.

Two stations at the same time

The gunsmith, who had only one feature film to her credit before “Rust,” says she was “hired to fill two positions on this film, which made it very difficult for her to concentrate on her work in as a gunsmith ”.

Requests to production to have more time to prepare weapons and shooting scenes were, she said, rejected.

“The whole shoot became dangerous due to a number of factors, including the lack of safety meetings. It wasn’t Hannah’s fault, ”the lawyers say.

“I think there was a certain carelessness on this plateau,” said Santa Fe County (New Mexico) sheriff Adan Mendoza, who is overseeing the investigation.

No arrests have taken place at this point and investigations continue into the circumstances of the tragedy at the Bonanza Creek ranch, where Halyna Hutchins was fatally shot on October 21 and director Joel Souza shot in the shoulder by Alec Baldwin. during a rehearsal.

Alec Baldwin was handling a gun that had been presented to him as unloaded and harmless by assistant director Dave Halls. The latter admitted that he should have checked the weapon before the rehearsal but that he had not done so.


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