The gunners are in danger! Schick is not training and will not play on Sunday, Kucht has only one last trip from Russia left

“Patrick Schick is continuing his rehabilitation training, and has not yet completed a single joint training with the team. The load in individual training is different than in training with a team. It is not for the match with Wolfsburg, “said Leverkusen coach Gerardo Seoane on Twitter that he does not count on the Czech legionnaire for Sunday’s Bundesliga duel.

The Czech national team member, on whom coach Jaroslav Šilhavý relied heavily on the semi-final playoffs in Solna, Sweden, did not even appear among Bayer’s substitutes in Thursday’s European League match between Leverkusen and Bergamo.

So there has been speculation that Swiss coach Gerardo Seoane is saving him for Sunday’s Bundesliga match. But now it is more or less certain that Schick will not even win the duel in Wolfsburg.

It is therefore a question of whether the club will be willing to release it for a meeting of the Czech national team and a playoff.

“There will be communication between the doctors. Therefore, I cannot say at the moment what will happen to him in the coming days and how it will be with his nomination to the national team, “Seoane answered a direct question at a press conference before the match in Wolfsburg, what will happen with Patrik Schick’s participation in the Czech national team.

Czech gunner Patrik Schick and manager Pavel Paska.Photo: Karel Felt, Right

The player’s manager Pavel Paska said some time ago that Schick’s release is conditional on Leverkusen having to play the entire competition in his jersey.

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However, national team coach Jaroslav Šilhavý made it known during the nomination for the match with Sweden that he knew nothing about such a condition and did not even officially hear about it. After all, even Leverkusen’s coach didn’t mention us.

“I can imagine that if a player can’t start on Sunday and there is a meeting on Monday, the doctors would probably join,” Šilhavý predicted already at the nomination that the club and national team doctors would probably call for their nomination.


Will Jan Kuchta from Russia get to the national team meeting? Will Lokomotiv Moscow let him go?Video:

Striker Jan Kuchta, who works at Lokomotiv Moscow, is also nominated. Although there is a ban on flights from Russia to the countries of the European Union due to the invasion of Ukraine, the national team hopes that it should get to the meeting.

“He wanted to represent at all costs. He can get here, we have a connection for him, he will fly with two transfers through Belgrade and Vienna. The club does not pose any problems, on the contrary, “said Libor Sionko, national team manager, on Tuesday when the nomination was announced.

However, the situation is complicated even in the case of the ex-Slavist. The planned route fell, Serbian airlines stopped flying between Belgrade and Moscow.

“There is still a possibility through Turkey. If it didn’t work out either, we would already have a big problem, “team leader Tomáš Pešír told ČT sport on Thursday evening.

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Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Právo

Filip Kaša, Milan Havel, Tomáš Holeš, Alex Král and Jakub Pešek during the training of the national football team.Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Right

National team coach Jaroslav Šilhavý will, of course, wait until Monday’s meeting, when Schick’s and Kucht’s martyrdom turns out, but he has already expanded the originally announced 21-member nomination by two names. Extreme defender Milan Havel and center forward Tomáš Pekhart will also report at the national team meeting.

“Already at Tuesday’s press conference, I indicated that the defender will be at least one additionally nominated player. Both Milan Havel and Tomáš Pekhart already have experience with the national team, so we know that they will help us, “said the national team coach Jaroslav Šilhavý.

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