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The Guatapurí River has reduced its flow by 70%

The Special Representative of the Emdupar Public Services Company, Pablo Jaramillo, together with his work team, met with the indigenous authorities of Arhuaco, Jesús Torrez and Rigoberto Torres to join forces to preserve the water resource​​​​among the wonders of a child.

Jaramillo, recognizing the important work of the older brothers in protecting the basin, suggested to these authorities to work together for this basin, which is fundamental to the life of the Municipality of Valledupar and its inhabitants.

“The condition of the Guatupuri River is very delicate, its flow has dropped by more than 70 percent, however, the city has a good water supply; The water pressure has decreased but we are not in a crisis,” said Special Agent Emdupar.

It is worth remembering that Valledupar’s water comes from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, whose snow cover has been descending from the summit of Pico Colón, which could reduce the flow of the Guatupuri River, which is why that residents are asked not to overuse. water and save vital liquid.

“We ask citizens to stop washing the faces of their houses with hoses, to reduce the time in the shower, to use cups to brush teeth, to use buckets to wash cars, we must be aware ,” said Pablo Jaramillo.


At the moment we have certain irregularities because people are taking water from hydrants to sell water in tank trucks, this is a crime called liquid fraud, we ask the authorities , the Mayor’s Office, the Government, Risk Management and town mayors if you need water. , request it and it will be delivered from the drinking water treatment plant; For this we are making agreements to provide the service legally.

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