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The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ behind-the-scenes photo we all wanted to see

Sarah Drew returns as April Kepner in season 17 of medical fiction. Meanwhile, we still don’t know if the series comes to an end next spring.

There is a photo behind the cameras of Grey’s Anatomy that we all wanted to see since the news broke of Sarah Drew’s return to medical fiction starring Ellen Pompeo. Fortunately we have not had to wait long to see the interpreter posing next to the actor with whom she shared the most good moments as a recurring character in the series: Jesse Williams, the person in charge of interpreting Jackson and romantic interest of April for a few seasons.

Why are we especially excited about it? Because seeing Drew and Williams together again confirms what we won’t have to wait long to see on screen: the long-awaited meeting between ex-lovers April Kepner and Jackson, the man for whom the doctor left the idyllic life that she had planned so much to let herself be carried away by passion.

“I’m not thrilled at all,” she writes to the actress alongside the posted image and a bunch of hearts.

How you remember, April was eliminated from the series’ main cast in 2018, as does the character played by Jessica Capshaw, Arizona. At that time the news was received with great sadness both by the actresses themselves and by the audience, who they had to say goodbye to the doctors with only one justification: the “creative reasons” of the writing team.

The reasons that led April to leave the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital were that April had quit her job at the center, although it was also said that she continued to live in Seattle with her daughter with Jackson, Harriett, and that she was dedicated to providing care. medical care for homeless people in the city.

Now that the actress has no professional commitments – the pilots she was a part of have not come out ahead – beyond her recurring role on the Freeform series Cruel Summer, It has been the perfect opportunity for Krista Vernoff and the rest of the scriptwriters to count on her for their appearance in an episode of the current installment. Yes indeed, No clue has been released as to what will get the doctor back to the hospital.

Meanwhile, we still do not know if the season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy it will be the last or if, on the contrary, ABC will renew it for at least one more delivery.

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