The ‘Green Lantern’ series will be a very ambitious project, according to its protagonist

Green Lanterno Green Lantern, was not very successful in its passage through celluloid. Warner Bros, however, has plans to resurrect this character in a series format for HBO Max. Jeremy Irvine, actor who played Alan Scott has now spoken with ScreenRant to clarify where the development of the fiction is. We already told you that for now things are a bit stopped and that we will have to wait a bit to be able to see images of the project. But it is clear that Warner is especially interested in trying to make the character’s story work this time who didn’t have much luck at the hands of Ryan Reynolds.

The details of Green Lantern are not too many…

I am very excited. It has been a project that has been around for a long time. As far as I know, there’s no start date, but when I get the call, I’ll put on my green tights and be there. I think it’s a very difficult time to get any project off the ground and I know they want to do this series on a large scale. Getting all the stars to align on such an ambitious narrative of that history is difficult., and I hope it all comes together at some point. But these things, unfortunately, take a long time,” explained the actor, who looks very happy to be part of such a series.

It is evident that from Warner they are taking things easy, because most of the projects that are announced from the house of DC Comics do not end in a very good port. The actor does not have much information, he does not even know when to start, so he will be taking everything behind extremely closed doors to close everything well and there is security with the scripts, the direction and the rest of the cast. The next movie stops will be The Flash, Aquaman 2 y Black Adam as main dishes.


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