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The granddaughter who was playing with her beard dies…and the grandfather returns in tears.

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Next is the news about Israel and Hamas, where a ceasefire is just around the corner.

It is said that Palestinians who returned home due to the temporary ceasefire are facing the tragic reality that their loved ones have been taken away by air strikes.

Negotiations to further extend the ceasefire have begun again, but strong voices are rising within the Israeli government calling for the war to resume.

Reporter Seongcheol Yoon reports.

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For Rim, a three-year-old little girl, the most enjoyable pastime was pulling her grandfather’s beard.

In return for a joke, the child would always burst out laughing just by gently grabbing the braid.

My granddaughter, who was always held in my arms, can no longer smile even when I kiss her or stroke her cheek.

He was killed in an Israeli airstrike while sleeping at home last week.

Her brother, Tirek, who was two years older than her, also passed away together with Lim.

A grandfather who lost two of his grandchildren at once said his final goodbye.

[칼리브 나브한/숨진 남매 외조부]

“I tried asking my grandpa to kiss me like he normally would, but my granddaughter wouldn’t move. Her granddaughter always smiled when she kissed her cheek or touched her nose. But she’s not waking up now.”

After finally returning home from the ceasefire, the grandfather sobs as he touches his grandchildren’s belongings.

The children’s mother was also paralyzed from the shock of the air raid.

What is more painful is the feeling of self-reproach for not being able to protect your child and surviving alone.

[마야/숨진 남매의 엄마]

“On the day of the air raid, my children slept next to each other. The children fell asleep quickly. I said they could sleep later, but the kids went to bed quickly.”

The six-day temporary ceasefire will end on the 30th local time.

Negotiations have begun to extend the ceasefire by two days by exchanging more hostages and prisoners, but the outcome is unclear.

This is because Israeli hardliners are calling for a resumption of war to eradicate Hamas.

Israel is also burdened by the soaring popularity of Hamas as Palestinian prisoners are released.

Fearing that aid would be cut off once the ceasefire ends, long lines of people and cars were waiting to get even a small amount of fuel at gas stations in Gaza.

This is Seongcheol Yoon from MBC News.

Video editing: Kim Chang-gyu

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