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The government requests Cevital to boost investments

The general manager of Hyundai Motor Algeria (HMA), automobile subsidiary of the Cevital Group, Omar Rebrab said in an interview, carried out this Sunday February 16 by the newspaper El Moudjahid, that several projects of the Cevital group have been released by the new government.

“We were received by the new government, which released many projects for us. Our grievances have been taken into account and things are on the right track, ”he announced. Omar Rebrab adds that a “communication link has been established” with the government, after the group’s officials were “asked to relaunch their investments in the economic field”, specifying, on the occasion, “that Cevital is ranked second after Sonatrach in terms of job creation and exports ”.

He also reassured that Cevital now has assurances that the state will not block the company’s investment projects with this new team at the head of the country which wants to diversify the economy. “We are now looking to the future,” he said, without giving details of the projects released. As a reminder, in recent years, the group of Issad Rebrab has had to face strong hostility from the former Bouteflika regime, which had suspended its projects in industry, mass distribution, the automobile industry and tourism.

“Justice has proven us right”

In the automotive sector, from which the group had previously been excluded, Omar Rebrab explains that justice has been favorable to the evidence provided by the company. “Justice has proven us right, and it is encouraging. We never gave up on this business, since we continued to provide after-sales service and the marketing of the spare part, “he recalled.

“Today we have a turnover of 3 billion DA in the field of spare parts. The distributors have also contacted us again. Currently, we are upgrading our workshops and investing in this niche. We will soon resume marketing vehicles, since the necessary infrastructure exists, ”he added. Again, no details were given regarding the brands to be marketed by the group.

“We are not interested in car assembly”

Omar Rebrab reiterates that Cevital is not interested in car assembly, explaining that the group “has always wanted to do construction, not assembly,” he said. “We had contacts with Toyota and several other Chinese manufacturers who came to see us for a serious partnership for production,” he said, highlighting the importance of production and export projects. who “create wealth for our country”. Something which, according to him, will not be possible with the assembly process in Algeria.

In addition, the same speaker informed that Cevital is currently in “negotiations with major Chinese manufacturers for a production project” and that the latter transferred to the company “equipment manufacturers and technology used by the parent company , like the robotic line ”.

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