The go-ahead has been given for TI Messenger

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Berlin – gematik GmbH has laid the foundation for cross-provider messenger services in the healthcare sector. On the basis of the specification that has just been published, industrial partners and third parties can develop appropriate messenger solutions and offer them to the market after approval by gematik.

“The specification is being worked out further at some points, but the basic structure is clear,” says Eric Gray, product manager at gematik. According to him, the TI Messenger will initially be designed for employees in the health sector – as communication “on short official channels”.

The demand for a secure and fast way of communicating with short messages is great in the health sector, from clinics to practice teams to nursing. When the first TI Messenger will be available depends, according to gematik, on how quickly partners can develop corresponding services.

“We expect the first solutions to be available on the market in the second half of 2022,” explains Eric Gray. “The first providers are in the starting blocks. We are in contact with many interested partners and are happy that things are really getting started, ”said the product manager.

The next specification should follow in April 2022; the group of users will then be expanded to include insured persons. According to gematik, it is then possible, for example, for health insurances to offer a TI messenger via their health insurance apps. This means that patients will also have a faster and more secure means of communication in the healthcare system. Another future expansion stage provides options for video conferencing. © hil /



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