The gamer community is gearing up to play the first Half-Life episode together on Steam today at 10:00 p.m.

It’s almost there for the event. #RememberFreeman In which gamers plan to play the first Half-Life to set the record for the most concurrent players on Steam, honoring this legendary FPS.

The goal of such activities is toBreaking the previous record saved on the SteamDB website. That there is a maximum of 6,022 players at the same time, who are interested in joining. It can be done easily by opening the first half-life to play today (August 14) 22:00 onwards Thailand time.

As for the game version that everyone plays with, it’s the real “Half-Life”, not the Half-Life Source, the expansions like Opposing Force or Blue Shift, and not the remakes of Black Mesa either. They can log in to their Steam account through the web page. Then press the button to play the game from this link immediately :

There is a slight requirement for this event to be played for at least 30 minutes, otherwise the system won’t save statistics that we’re playing this game.

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