The Funeral of Renowned Artist Najah Salam: A Tribute to a Legendary Career

The Funeral of Renowned Artist Najah Salam: A Tribute to a Legendary Career

Widad Khamis Friday, September 29, 2023 02:24 PM

The funeral of the late artist was held a short while ago Peace be upon you The singer of the song “Oh, the Sweetest Name in Existence” came from the Khashoggi Mosque in Beirut, in the presence of her family and a number of artists, including the head of the Lebanese Actors Syndicate, Naama Badawi, and the artists: Moeen Sharif, Saad Hamdan, and others. The deceased is scheduled to be buried in the new Islamic Endowments cemetery in Beirut.

The great artist, Najah Salam, passed away from our world yesterday at the age of 92 years. The funeral for the deceased is scheduled to be held next Saturday and Sunday, in Beirut, from 3 pm to 7 pm.

Her daughter, Samar Salman Al-Atafi, announced the news of the death through her Facebook account, where she wrote: “And the journey is over, Orouba… Mama is in God’s arms.”

Najah Salam was known for being careful to choose the lyrics of her songs very carefully, so she maintained a high artistic level, and from here we will review the most prominent poets who cooperated with her to present the most beautiful songs that were and still are engraved in the minds of Egyptians.

During the tripartite aggression against Egypt, she sang the song “O Most Precious Name in Existence” by the poet Ismail Al-Jabrouk. This song was admired by the late leader Gamal Abdel Nasser at the time, and he issued a decision to honor the song’s team and grant the Lebanese singer Najah Salam Egyptian citizenship.

She sang the poem “I am the Nile, a cemetery for invaders” by the poet Mahmoud Hassan Ismail, and the musician of generations also sang the song “The Eternal River” by the poet.

Najah Salam not only performed patriotic songs for Egypt, but also performed a patriotic song for Lebanon, with the title “Lebanon, the Pearl of the East,” from the words of the poet Saleh El-Desouki. President Hrawi honored her at the Presidential Palace and awarded her the Order of Merit with the rank of Knight.

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