The Fortnite store from June 28

Daily, Epic Games updates the list of skins and cosmetic items available in the Fortnite store. Discover the various virtual articles posted online today.

Fortnite store from June 28, 2020

Credits: bot_wick on Twitter

How to buy content on Fortnite?

To do this, you need V-Bucks. And to get it, nothing more simple: either you win it (via the Save the World mode or the Battle Royale mode, via tournaments, contests …) or you buy it by going to the game store and spend, depending on your choice, between € 9.99 and € 99.99.

  • 1000 V-bucks pour 9,99 €
  • 2500 V-bucks (+300 bonus) pour 24,99 €
  • 4000 V-bucks (+1000 bonus) pour 39,99 €
  • 10 000 V-bucks (+3500 bonus) pour 99,99 €

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