The flagship of my dreams. OnePlus 12 5G with total specifications officially: we know the price

OnePlus 12 5G has had its official premiere: one of the first flagships for 2024, which will soon go on sale in Poland. We know its specifications, full of various delicacies, as well as the price. In my opinion, OnePlus 12 5G is a strong candidate for the title of best phone of 2024.

OnePlus 12 5G is already here, the brand’s flagship for 2024 debuted this year. We know its specifications and price, as well as the date of its global premiere.

Check what you need to know about OnePlus 12 before it goes on sale in Poland.

The OnePlus 12 5G specification is full of rarities

As you can easily guess, the heart of OnePlus 12 is a new, top and very efficient processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. He is supported by memories LPDDR5x and UFS 4.0, which is the fastest available. The basic memory variant is 12/256 GB, while the most powerful one has as much as 24 GB RAM and 1 TB of data space.

Even before its premiere, this set achieved record-breaking tests in AnTuTu. Let me remind you that I withdrew from watching this race, but many ManiaK people are impressed by such records and I have nothing against it.

OnePlus 12 5G / manufacturer’s photo

The vast majority of the front is filled by OnePlus 12 5G 6.82-inch screen. This is a matrix AMOLED made by BOE, with resolution WQHD+ (3168 × 1400 pixel, 510 PPI), refresh rate from 1 to 120 Hz in LTPO technologyPWM at 2160 Hz and incredible maximum brightness (up to 4500 nits in spots).

OnePlus 12 5G / manufacturer’s photo

The photographic facilities in OnePlus 12 are also at a high level. How else can you define:

  • main unit Sony LYT-808, 50 MP, 1/1.4″, f/1.6, OIS,
  • Sony IMX581 ultra-wide-angle lens, 48 MP1/2″, f/2.2, 114 degree field of view,
  • telephoto lens OmniVision OV64B, 64 MP, 1/2″, 3x optical zoom, OIS,
  • 32 MP selfie camera.

When it comes to the battery and charging, the OnePlus flagship is powered by a battery with above-average capacity 5400 mAh. She supports fast wired charging 100W (power supply included) i wireless 50W (+ reverse 10W). The latter has returned after a temporary absence.

OnePlus 12 5G / manufacturer’s photo

In addition to all this, we also get a 5G modem, Wi-Fi 6e (7 ready), dual GPS with Galileo, Bluetooth 5.4, NFC, USB type 3.2 (finally!), dual SIM, in-screen fingerprint reader, infrared port, slider for changing sound profile or stereo speakers.

The OnePlus 12 case, with dimensions of 164.3 × 75.8 × 9.15 mm and a weight of 220 grams, meets the standard IP65. Therefore, there is no question of full protection against water.

However, OnePlus assures that its flagship will cope with even rain. Additionally, the company has worked to ensure that the screen reads our commands perfectly even then.

What is the price of OnePlus 12? How much will we pay in Poland?

OnePlus 12 5G / manufacturer’s photo

There will be three color options for the OnePlus 12: black (Classic Black), silver (Pristine White) and green (Vibrant Green). My confirmation was compromised huffingthat the last, most beautiful one, will be available in Poland (at least for testing).

As for memory variants, OnePlus has prepared some of them. The prices in brackets are given in Polish zloty after direct conversion, so you cannot count on Polish prices in a similar range.

Let’s get to the most important thing: here are the prices of OnePlus 12 5G in the manufacturer’s home market:

  • OnePlus 12 5G 12/256 GB: 4299 yuan (approx. PLN 2,435),
  • OnePlus 12 5G 16/512 GB: 4,799 yuan (approx. PLN 2,720),
  • OnePlus 12 5G 16 GB/1 TB: 5299 yuan (approx. PLN 3,000),
  • OnePlus 12 5G 24 GB/1 TB: 5,799 yuan (approx. PLN 3,285).

It is difficult to say at this point what the prices of OnePlus 12 will be in Poland. They are usually close to those in yuan, so it may be approximately PLN 4,299 for the basic variant. However, these are only speculations.

All indicates that The global premiere of OnePlus 12 5G will take place on January 23, 2023. Even if not, January is 100% certain, according to assurances from reliable sources.

I remind you that OnePlus is celebrating its 10th birthday (that’s why it calls OnePlus 12 “flagship of the decade”). Check out my three favorite OnePlus smartphones ever:

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