The first photo of the Basque PP-C’s coalition | Radio Bilbao | Hour 14 Euskadi

The PP-C’s coalition created for the Basque elections on April 5 has today presented its candidates in Bilbao in what has been the first image of this union of constitutional forces.

Candidates of the PP-C’s coalition

Headed by Carlos Iturgaiz as a candidate for Lehendakari, this morning’s event was also attended by the leader of Ciudadanos en Euskadi, Luis Gordillo, second in the list for Bizkaia. The act has not had the presence, however, of the current interim president of the Basque PP after the resignation of Alfonso Alonso, Amaya Fernández, an absence that has been blamed on a coordination failure.

Both Iturgaiz and Gordillo have underlined the importance of joining forces against nationalism. Luis Gordillo has assured that this coalition is the first stone that will return constitutionalism to the Basque Country, while the popular Carlos Iturgaiz has highlighted that the PP-C’s coalition candidates will never be domesticated by the PNV.

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