The First Omicron Patient in East Java, Surabaya Resident


Omicron variant COVID-19 has been detected in East Java. The first patient detected in East Java was a resident of Surabaya.

This was confirmed by the Chair of the Institute of Tropical Disease (ITD) and the Unair Research Team, Prof. dr. Maria Lucia Inge Lusida, MKes, PhD, SpMK. One sample was detected from Surabaya.

“Yes, Ma’am. One has been confirmed, from Surabaya,” said Prof. Inge when contacted by detikcom, Sunday (2/1/2022).

Prof Inge explained that his party had reported to the Ministry of Health. Because, one whole genome from Surabaya was detected by Omicron.

“We usually do routine surveillance. The first time maybe we met here in Surabaya. We have reported it to the Minister of Health, it has been reported in the GISAID data bank,” he explained.

He also said that ITD Unair routinely carried out whole-genome examinations from East Java. Because, it was assigned by the Ministry of Health to cover all samples in East Java.

So far, his party has received many samples from several hospitals and laboratories. But now not as much as when the Delta variant was on the rise.

“But you have to be careful, you are afraid of going uphill. Routinely come (samples), now there are few cases, there are many cases,” he added.

There were 98 active COVID-19 cases in East Java as of January 1, 2022, out of a total of 400,081. 29,746 people died and 370,237 recovered.

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