The first major airlines have returned to profit since the outbreak of the pandemic

According to them, the world’s largest airlines have emerged from the strengthened crisis, paying off debts sooner.

The positive outlook for US airlines is beginning to be reflected in their financial results. The first airline in the USA has changed to the black numbers: American Airlines.

It follows from today published results for the second quarter, according to which the company reported a profit of $ 19 million. Last year, it lost more than two billion crowns in the same period.

The world’s largest airlines benefited from the recovery after US air traffic in the second quarter. With very limited international traffic, the number of passengers handled in the US even reached pre-2019 levels.

The carrier announced that it ended the quarter with $ 21 billion in accounts, which plans to accelerate the repayment of loans that the company concluded to overcome the pandemic. He wants to repay $ 15 billion in loans by the end of 2025.

We have undergone a thorough transformation. We have simplified the fleet, transformed our network, we are a much more efficient company than before the pandemic,“Said American Airlines chief Doug Parker. The company significantly strengthened mainly domestic flights and opened a number of new routes.


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