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The Finns also dominated the home World Cup. Canada forced an extension despite the injustice, but fell

After the historic triumph at the Beijing Olympics in February, Finnish hockey players are also celebrating winning gold at the World Cup.

In a replay of the final fights from the last two world championships, the defending champions of the Canadian title defeated Canada 4: 3 in overtime. The selection of Suomi thus followed the triumphs at the World Championships in 1995, 2011 and 2019, and as the organizer they received their first ever medal gain. At 66: 424, he decided in the power play Sakari Manninen.

The 38-year-old Finnish captain Valtteri Filppula joined the Triple Gold Club as the 30th player when he added the world title to this year’s Olympics and won the Stanley Cup in 2008 with Detroit. In the elite company of Canadians, he joined nine Swedes, seven Russians, Czechs Jaromír Jágr and Jiří Šlégr and the only Canadian coach Mike Babcock.

Canada led by Dylan Cozens at 24:00, but between the 45th and 46th minutes, Mikael Granlund turned the situation, first in a five-on-three position and then in a continuing numerical advantage.

The Canadians felt great wrong because the Swedish referees wrongly excluded the Canadian hockey player.

In the 55th minute, Joel Armia increased the lead to 3: 1, but in the 58th minute, the defender Zach Whitecloud returned to the game. In the time of 58:36, he forced an extension of Max Comtois, who was the only one of the current staff to be at last year’s triumph. In the end, he did not follow in from Canada, and Canada failed to beat the record 27 triumphs it still has with Russia, including the former Soviet Union.

In the opening ten-minute duel, the duel did not offer any great chances and the shots from a safe distance from home Olkinuor and Canadian Driedger covered without any problems. In the 11th minute, Bazral forced Mäenalanen to lose the puck, but Anderson also did not mature from the position between the circles for the Finnish goalkeeper. Then Batherson fired. Heiskanen was on the other hand and Lammikko missed in the 14th minute.

In the 24th minute, Anderson did not reach the finish line after Johnson’s shot due to Friman’s foul, and Canada used the first power play of the match. Barzal passed from the right circle to the left Cozens, who sent the puck to a closer post before Olkinuora could move. The Finns collected the first ever goal from the 17th weakening in the tournament. Cozens caught up with seven goals at the top of the table of teammates Dubois and Czech gunner Pastrňák.

In the 28th minute, Cozens also showed defensive work, when he managed to return during the renumbering of the Finns and stabbed Pesonen’s pass to Lammikka. During Holden’s punishment, they had the option of the first home power play, and Driedger dealt with Hartikainen’s run and Manninen’s hit, and a moment later he struck with real concrete against Armia’s attempt.

Cozens may have added another goal in Filppul’s disqualification, but this time his attempt blocked an open goal for Ohtama. In the 39th minute, Sallinen was close to equalizing, who hit the left line with a backhand.

At the start of the third period, with the exclusions of Roy, Gregor and Sillinger, the Finns had a power play for a long time, first five seconds in five against three and then they had 35 seconds, but after five, Mikael Granlund used it. Heiskanen’s bullet bounced on the left circle from the back guard, and the 2011 world champion overcame the moving Driedger, who was also injured in the operation.

He had to go to the goal for the first time at the Tomkins tournament and after 104 seconds of staying on the ice in the continuing classic power play of the Finns. Mikael Granlund hit the right corner of the goal corner. In the 55th minute, after Lammikk’s throw-in in the left circle, Armia headed exactly, who then still had the opportunity to secure a lead. But Canada reached for power play and in 57:48 reduced Whitecloud. Judges Nord and Öhlund also verified the validity of his goal in the video. It was settled in 48 seconds. Again, in a game without a goalkeeper, he hit the position between the Comtois circles.

In the setting, Barzal first missed, then Rajal and Heiskanen, who wanted to push the puck at the left post after embracing the goal, had a chance. During Chabot’s subsequent expulsion, Mikael Granlund passed Manninen to the left circle, who started another Finnish celebration with an accurate shot.

Hockey World Cup Tampere – Final:

Finland – Canada 4: 3 in prodl. (0:0, 0:1, 3:2 – 1:0)

Goals and recordings: 45. Mikael Granlund (Heiskanen, M. Lehtonen), 46. Mikael Granlund (M. Lehtonen, Hartikainen), 55. Armia (Lammikko), 67. S. Manninen (Mikael Granlund, Heiskanen) – 24. Cozens (Barzal, Severson) ), 58. Whitecloud (Barzal, J. Anderson), 59. Comtois (Barzal, Batherson). Judges: Nord, Öhlund (both Swedish) – Briganti (USA), Synek (SR). Exclusion: 2: 5. Utilization: 3: 1. Attendance: 11,487.

Finland: Olkinuora – Hietanen, M. Lehtonen, Pokka, Heiskanen, Vatanen, Friman, Ohtamaa, Lindell – Hartikainen, S. Manninen, Mikael Granlund – J. Sallinen, V. Filppula, Rajala – Armia, Pond, H. Pesonen – Anttila, Björninen , Mäenalanen. Coach: Jukka Jalonen.

You have: Driedger (45. Tomkins) – Graves, Chabot, Severson, Sanheim, Whitecloud, Holden, Mayo – Batherson, Dubois, Cozens – J. Anderson, Barzal, Sillinger – N. Roy, Lowry, Comtois – Gregor, Mercer, K. Johnson. Trenér: Claude Julien.

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