The final trailer for the second part of the “Pokémon Vermillion” DLC “Zero’s Secret Treasure” has been released, featuring the appearance of the mythical beasts and the three royal families of the past.

“Pokémon Crimson/Purple” announced today (7th) the final trailer for the second part of the DLC “Zero Treasure”. All the mythical beasts of the past and the three royal families will appear in this DLC.

In this “Part 2: Blue Disc”, we will visit the “Zero Area” of the Padia crater located in the center of the Padia region. It seems that there are places that have not yet been discovered. Players will explore what exactly is the “Secret Treasure of Zero”? And what kind of power does Taile Bagos contain?

This time players will also participate in the Blueberry Alliance and challenge the Four Heavenly Kings of Blueberry Academy. In addition, there is a club called “League Society” in Blueberry Academy. Trainers participating in the Blueberry League, including the Four Kings of the Blueberry League, will compete with each other on their Pokémon battle abilities in this club. You can deepen communication with the friends you met at Blueberry Academy at the Alliance Club’s office.

In the life of Blueberry Academy, there is an extracurricular activity called “Blueberry Recreational Activities”, referred to as “Blueberry Lives”. As long as you complete the “Blue Lohas” task delivered by the academy, you can obtain the academy’s exclusive currency “Blueberry Points (BP)”.

In addition to being used in the sales department and canteen, BP can also be used in the “Social Office” of the “Alliance Club” to which the protagonist belongs, to add various functions, or to invite various people to the club. manage. There are also “Chiyou Circle Missions” that you can play with your friends together. For example, you can work with everyone to find the various monsters that have transformed into cubes and are hiding in the eco-dome.

In the Pokémon section, Pokémon partners from past “Pokémon” series will gather in the “Ecodome” in Blueberry Academy, the story stage of “Part 2: Blue Disc” one class. In addition, the new 19th “Tai Jing Attribute” will also appear.

In the section on mythical beasts of the past, after the adventure reaches a certain level, players will be able to encounter some of the “legendary Pokémon” that have appeared in the “Pokémon” series to date. Through battles, you can make the “Legendary Pokémon” you meet become your partners.

“Pokémon Vermilion/Pokémon Purple Zero: The Secret Treasure Part 2: Blue Disc” is expected to be released on December 14th.

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