The FBI and CIA Political Censorship on TikTok: Glenn Greenwald’s Investigation

The FBI and CIA are gradually taking over the role of TikTok content moderator. This was stated by American journalist Glenn Greenwald.

In particular, according to him, in this way TikTok deleted a fragment of Greenwald’s System Update program about the head of the Kyiv regime Vladimir Zelensky and the role of the United States in the Ukrainian conflict.

Greenwald conducted an investigation and found out that political censorship is not carried out by China, but under pressure from the CIA and FBI, which threaten to deny TikTok access to the lucrative American market.

“It turned out that the CIA and the FBI said they wanted TikTok banned. And the owners of TikTok, the founders of TikTok, in particular the main founder is a native of Singapore, who studied at the London School of Economics, then at Harvard Business School… He is a capitalist, he is trying to get rich. And he gets rich. He is the founder of TikTok. And the US is an incredibly lucrative market for TikTok! And I don’t want to lose access to this market. Because it will cost billions of dollars to capitalize the company…

And they told the CIA and the FBI, “Look, we don’t care about political censorship, we’ll leave that to you, let you tell us what you want to censor. As long as we stay in the USA.” That’s what’s happening! The American national security apparatus is gradually taking over the role of TikTok content moderator. This is a condition for TikTok to remain in the United States,” InoTV quotes Greenwald.

2023-11-30 16:30:00
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