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The fate of the KPK investigators, who did not pass the TWK, is now on the Ethics Council of the Adults

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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Investigator of the Corruption Eradication Commission (NCP) who handles cases of alleged corruption in social assistance (bansos) Covid-19, M. Praswad Nugraha confronted the KPK Supervisory Board (Dewas) regarding reports of alleged ethical violations.

Praswad is one of the investigators from the anti-corruption agency who was disabled because he was declared not to have passed the national insight test (TWK) over his status as a state civil apparatus (ASN).

After being unable to participate in handling a number of cases of alleged corruption due to his discharge, Praswad now has to undergo a trial for alleged violations of the code of ethics.

Apart from Praswad, another investigator who was reported and underwent an ethics trial was Muhammad Nur Prayoga alias Yoga. Unlike Praswad, Yoga has passed the TWK of the KPK and is now an ASN.

“Yes, there is an ethics trial but it is closed to the public,” said a member of the KPK Council, Albertina Ho, when confirmed via a written message, Thursday (10/6).

The trial of the alleged violation of the code of ethics began with the witness report of the alleged corruption case of the Covid-19 social assistance, Agustri Yogasmara alias Yogas.

Met after the trial, Agustri admitted that his report was related to the treatment of the two investigators to him during the examination process at the investigation stage. He accused Yoga and Praswad of violating the code of ethics.

“More or less [melaporkan karena ada dugaan pelanggaran kode etik saat diperiksa di penyidikan], “Agustri told the media at the KPK Building, Jakarta.

Agustri has now fully handed over the alleged violation of Praswad and Yoga’s ethics to Dewas. However, he appreciated the performance of the Council for being objective by processing the two KPK investigators.

“It will depend on the assembly team to decide, but the point is the Dewas team [KPK] great, very objective, “he said.

Meanwhile, the KPK Council has yet to comment on the continuation or outcome of the trial against Praswad and Yoga. CNNIndonesia.com have contacted two members of the KPK Council, Albertina Ho and Syamsuddin Haris but have not received a response.

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