The European Union imposes sanctions on 29 Iranian individuals and 3 entities

In conjunction with the European Union imposing sanctions on 29 Iranian individuals and 3 entities, Britain also announced the imposition of sanctions on 29 Iranian officials.

The sanctions of the European Union have targeted the Iranian interior minister, Ahmad Vahidi, the commander of the Iranian army ground forces, Kiomrat Heidari, the “Abraawan” company, the “Press TV” channel and an institution affiliated with the Basij.

A research center and two German media outlets announced in a joint research report released on October 20 that Softqloud in Meerbusch, near Dusseldorf, Germany, is helping to establish an internal information network and block the Internet in Iran.

According to joint research by Tats and Netpolitic, as well as the think tank Correctiv, Softqloud, a spin-off of Arvancloud, is helping to create the internal network and internet disconnection in Iran.

The European Union has also included in its sanctions list the names of Revolutionary Guards leaders in Iranian provinces who have played a role in repressing protesters. Among the sanctions also the agents who arrested the young woman, Mahsa Amini.

After announcing these sanctions, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said: “We stand with the Iranian people and support their right to protest peacefully and freely express their demands and opinions. Today we are imposing further sanctions to those responsible for the repression of Iran demonstrators”.

For her part, German Foreign Minister Annalina Baerbock said: “The message of the new European Union sanctions against the Iranian authorities is that you cannot suppress and kill your own people without consequences.”

Hours before the announcement of the sanctions, Annalina Berbock wrote, today, Monday, in a series of tweets on “Twitter”: “We are sending a new unequivocal signal to the Iranian regime”, referring to a new package of sanctions from the European Union against officials and repressive institutions in Iran.

He added: “No one in Tehran, Mashhad or Isfahan should think they are getting away with committing a crime.”

Meanwhile, Britain has imposed sanctions on Iran’s communications and information technology minister, Issa Zarepour, and a number of law enforcement and security officials.

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said: “We and our partners have sent a clear message to the Iranian regime. The violent repression must end and freedom of expression must be respected.”

Even before that, and in the first round of sanctions last October, the European Union imposed a travel ban and asset freeze on 15 Iranian people and institutions linked to the death of the young woman, Mahsa Amini, and cracked down on protests .

America has also imposed similar sanctions on Iran in solidarity with popular protests in the country.

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