The Euribor could still give us some joy in September mortgages

Last week we were very pessimistic on the blog regarding the evolution of the Euribor, so much so that we affirmed that the September Euribor could be the last to lower your mortgage and although it is true that in the medium term the outlook may change, we may have to delay a couple of months our predictions on increases in mortgages. Let’s see the behavior that the most used indicator in mortgages in Spain has shown so far this month.

  • Wednesday 1: -0.496%
  • Thursday 2: -0.499%
  • Friday 3: -0.5%
  • Monday 6: -0.5%
  • Tuesday 7: -0.496%
  • Wednesday 8: -0.494%
  • Thursday 9: -0.489%
  • Friday 10: -0.495%

As you can see, things could have been complicated this Thursday when it marked monthly highs, threatening to confirm the upward trend and the truth is that the markets were nervous about the ECB’s speech

The ECB (European Central Bank) is the watchdog of monetary orthodoxy in the area (…)

“> ECB and its position in the face of the inflationary tensions of the moment. Fortunately for the mortgaged ones, the ECB has hardly taken measures by gently reducing economic stimuli, something that has been well received since at the moment there are no short-term threats to rain from current liquidity.

This gives us a break in the Euribor that apparently will remain at current levels until the end of the year, although it will be in December when the annual revisions will begin to be upward since the Euribor would have to be below -0.5%, something frankly unlikely.

In the meantime, we can only enjoy the interest rates

Interest rates are the levels at which interest is charged to a borrower for (…)

“> negative interest rates that these do seem to continue with us for many years and deep down seeing the Euribor below -0.5% is still something merely anecdotal that lowers mortgages by very few euros.


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