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The Escalating Tensions Between China and the United States: Preparing for War?

July 06, 2023 20:24 Last Update: 20:33

The war between China and the United States will eventually be heated up again. The unbearable hegemony of the United States is constantly being eroded by different countries. The world is fine, and it is because there is an eastern power that can replace the United States, which makes the international situation so indulgent. What should I do? One of the United States’ considerations is to use war to solve the current predicament and realize the historical law of the “Thucydides Trap”.

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In the middle of this year, the United States saw clearly that China, with its growing influence, has promoted an unstoppable trend against the United States. “India, Pakistan, Iran, Russia and other 12 countries held an international conference. The most important agenda is to de-dollarize and launch a new cross-border payment system that can replace SWIFT.” The point is that China is the world’s largest trading country. These resources The country does not use dollars for transactions, so it is natural to use renminbi. This is no wonder, the mainland media reported, “Since this year, Russia, Brazil, Iran and other Middle Eastern countries have accelerated their detachment from the U.S. dollar. The reason is that from the Fed’s violent interest rate hikes to the ongoing U.S. debt crisis, the role of the U.S. dollar is making many people around the world The country is getting more and more vigilant.”

In May, Bloomberg reported on the topic “De-dollarization is proceeding at an alarming speed”, pointing out that “the US dollar currently accounts for only 58% of the foreign exchange reserves of governments, compared with 73% in 2001 and 73% in the late 1970s. , the proportion of US dollars in foreign exchange reserves is as high as 85%!”. Countries in the Middle East are speeding up their separation from the U.S. dollar. It should be noted that the U.S. maintains hegemony not by military power, but by “petrodollars.” This system has been shaken, and the U.S. is in a dilemma. For example, it cannot deter its opponents with military diplomacy.

Maybe the foundation of the United States is gradually revealed. The eastern power, known for its strategic determination, will safely launch tough measures against the United States. China restricts the export of gallium and germanium, and predicts that the next wave will expand to the scope of rare earths. The key is not the material itself, but the It is the US technology card that has broken its defenses. Europe, Japan, South Korea and other countries that have boarded the US train to make China, the current situation can be described as “hanging and hanging”.

It was Director Wang Yi who was not on guard at the China-Japan-Korea meeting a few days ago, and he faced a lesson to those present: “Our friends from China, Japan and South Korea, when we go to the United States, they can’t tell the difference between China, Japan and South Korea. It may be the same when we go to Europe. No matter what No matter how yellow your hair is dyed and no matter how sharp your nose is, you will not become a European, American or Westerner. We must know where our roots are.” Using a wonderful metaphor, those who cannot control their own politics and can only do so The country that followed the United States made a mockery, and the overtones were actually to bring down the face of the United States. The momentum of the United States was repeatedly frustrated by China.

The centenarian Kissinger warned that China and the United States should return to normal relations, but he implied that China needs to make concessions wisely, and changed Mao Zedong’s famous saying into the American version: “The American people can’t be messed with, and it’s not easy to mess with them.” “, to warn China. The U.S.’s planning for World War I is not just talking about it.

China is well aware of the attitude of the United States. At the same time, it understands that in order to seek hegemony, the United States has played all the cards it can play. Only Taiwan has not played all the cards that can cause a war. signal. Xi Jinping emphasized that at present, the world has entered a new period of turmoil and change, and my country’s security situation has become more unstable and uncertain. He reiterated the words “dare to fight, be good at fighting, and resolutely defend national sovereignty, security, and development interests.”

It is said that the United States has fully mobilized its large corps in the highest strategic state of long-range combat. The US Supreme Commander Milley announced in a high-profile before that the United States has the world’s most powerful army, navy and air force, and 11 nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, which can quickly concentrate troops to relevant hotspots around the world. emergency operations. On the other hand, the commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet recently stated: “If an armed conflict breaks out between the Taiwan Strait and the mainland, as long as the U.S. President and Congress make a decision, the Pacific Fleet and the U.S. Navy can immediately deploy to the western Pacific to assist Taiwan in fighting.”

There is no ambiguous strategy between China and the United States, and there is no room for relaxation between China and the United States. China and the United States are preparing for a war, so there is no need to add a question mark here!

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