The Enamel Clinic in Limoges banishes endocrine disruptors from her maternity

The endocrine disruptors (these chemical substances of natural or artificial origin foreign to the organism) are everywhere in maternities: products cosmetics and layers for babies, materials used by professionals or in the restoration. The Enamellers clinic has chosen to ban them. Since 2018, the maternity hospital has been working with an epigenetic doctor to sort it out.

“It is children who are most affected. During pregnancy until the child is 2 years old, it is the most dangerous period”, explains Sandra Rebière, midwife responsible for maternity.

These substances can declare any type of cancers in children. It is sufficient that there is contact during the pregnancy with a gene which orders the production of an organ so that this gene is disturbed, and therefore that the organ is built abnormally.

Identify endocrine disruptors

The parabens have decried the compositions of products for ten years. TheQuelCosmetic app of the UFC-Que Choisir used by the maternity of the Enamellers allows the consumer to scan the product and to know if it contains or not endocrine disruptors or carcinogenic substances. The clinic recommends labeled products as Ecocert and Nature & Progress. The maternity unit also undertakes to refuse laboratory proposals which are contrary to the label.

“The laboratories harass us at maternity level. We eliminated a lot by this labeling process. As long as they do not offer me clean products, I will not accept them in maternity. The approach must also come from The laboratories will adapt their products if they are not bought, “says the midwife with conviction.

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