The Economic Impact of Undocumented Workers Leaving the Workforce in Florida

the 50-year-old individualwear a black t-shirtcargo style shortsafter completing the day of aI was without immigrants todaywe return to learn aboutthe impact of this protest thathad in local shops.our partner tells ushow much you can lose statusfrom Florida if theundocumented leave theworkforce in somesectors.>> here everything returned to thenormal. as you can seesome establishmentscommercials that were yesterdayclosed today they reopened theirdoors, but with the firmconviction that they are going tocontinue supporting theimmigrants.>> raise our voices so thatbe heard by the>> some merchantsthey said that after the approvalof immigration law in theflorida economic impactyou also feel in yourbusiness.>> of 100% of what are thesales is down a… this 40%of what the business was beforefor this to happen with thenew law.majority are immigrants.>> a lot of sales are going to go down.the people who are for himmoment fighting for thego. there will be less purchase.>> a recent study of theinstitute of politicsFlorida said more than 390,000sectors such as construction,services, entertainment,among others.there is fear among>> yes, we have less work.people avoid going to work.>> what if they quitthese jobs? thissame report reveals that theproduced gross domesticflorida fell into$12,600,000,000.simply because theundocumented workersthey stopped receiving wages.therefore the contribution that there is topay state taxes andfederals which is estimated to beof 7.3% of his salary.>> you’re not using. theeconomic force alsoyou can see that coin.>> it is estimated that in florida19% of the undocumentedare of Mexican origin and 13%Venezuelans. both the ownersof this business likeassociations that supportimmigrants assures that they willcontinue exerting pressure

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2023-06-02 22:23:00

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