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The Downfall of Nikita Dzhigurda: Blaming Myself

Blame myself for everything.

Previously, the name of Nikita Dzhigurda was on everyone’s lips. But gradually his fame began to fade. The artist disappeared from the radar: he no longer appears on the stage of the Moscow New Drama Theater, and you won’t see him on the big screens either. As it turned out, a successful career failed for a reason.

The once popular actor and musician today can only walk on talk shows, earning himself a dubious reputation as a freak. Arranging a grand scandal on the set is a trifling matter for him. This scares off colleagues from the star, including directors.

The singer’s former mother-in-law, the mother of Yana Pavelovskaya, even stated that Dzhigurda had long been suffering from a serious diagnosis of schizophrenia. The woman noted that communication with a celebrity is becoming a big test for absolutely everyone.

“This man is a big burden,” she remarked.

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