The “do you know” of the day. Do you know what an artist is not allowed to do at Salle Poirel?

More than one artist who has come to the Salle Poirel in Nancy, if not all, has raved about the place, its rather unique atmosphere linked to a very particular architecture and acoustics.

The singer Ben Mazué was no exception to this on Sunday evening, during his concert. He did not hesitate to repeat several times how he found the place magnificent and his public too.

This certainty of finding in the performance hall the ideal conditions for a video recording of the concert came up against a ban, he explained to the spectators.

Indeed, due to its initial layout, it is not possible to use smoke diffusers in Poirel. Nothing at the time of its design was planned for it to escape without causing a slight fog in the room. A fog that would reduce the visibility of the emergency exits. However, in the event of an incident, these must remain easily accessible and therefore clearly visible to the public.

By deduction, the spectators, deprived of the pleasure of seeing their sustained applause recorded, understood that they did not have all the dimensions of Ben Mazué’s show. This in no way detracted from their pleasure, which was already high, given the general enthusiasm.

The “Do you know” can also be listened to as a podcast

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