The distance is claimed to be 200 km, this Kymco electric motorbike has a retro scooter style a la Vespa, cheaper than Yamaha Fazzio?

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This Kymco electric motorbike is claimed to have a mileage of 200 km on a single charge, let’s look at the specifications. – The mileage is claimed to be 200 Km, electric motor This kymco has style retro scooter ala Vespacheaper than Yamaha Fazzio?

Some time ago Kymco introduced a new electric motorcycle that looks retro scooter-style Vespa style.

What’s interesting about the electric motor made by this Taiwanese manufacturer is not only the design, but the distance traveled as well.

Electric motor named Kymco Ionex Many 110 EV is claimed to have a mileage that can be considered far.

In addition, the charging of the battery is practical with a swap system (battery swap), making this motorbike interesting to have.

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Kymco Ionex Many 110 EV appearance

Kymco Ionex Many 110 EV appearance

The propulsion is supported by an electric dynamo of 3,200 watts, or the equivalent of 4.3 hp, which is similar to a gasoline automatic motor with a capacity of 100 cc.

The battery used by the LiFePo4 (LFP) model is claimed to be once fully charged, it can go up to 124 miles or 200 kilometers.

It should also be noted that the distance is so great because the Kymco Ionex Many 110 EV is supported by multiple batteries.

The electric motorbike, which has been exhibited at EICMA Milan 2021 in the form of a prototype, is equipped with space to store 5 batteries, each weighing 4.9 kilograms.

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