The delivery of textbooks in the municipalities of Aguascalientes is still pending

The Committee in Defense of the New Mexican School and Textbooks in Aguascalientes denounced that there are schools that have not yet received these copies, despite the fact that this distribution began last week.

The coordinator of this committee, María de Jesús Rangel Velázquez, commented that the majority of educational establishments have already received these books. However, she stressed that this distribution must be accelerated, so that all students can learn about these specimens.

“As we have monitored the delivery in the schools by being in contact with the teachers in service, we see that they have not been delivered one hundred percent, there is already a large percentage, 85 or 90 percent, but there is still a lag and we are strange”.

For his part, pedagogue Juan José González pointed out that all the books corresponding to Aguascalientes were already ready to be delivered to the schools a few weeks ago, so the delay in distribution cannot be explained.

“Books are not being delivered in the municipalities, take into account that it has been more than 102 days that the children continue without their textbooks, remember that the municipalities are not only the head, that is what we have to demand as a society , that these materials are already in the hands of the children.”

In this sense, the former teachers called on the authorities to accelerate the distribution of the books in the pending schools.

They promise delivery this week

On the part of the Aguascalientes Education Institute (IEA), it was reported that the delivery of the books has already advanced by 70 percent, that is, that more than one million

copies are already in the hands of the students.
Likewise, the agency estimates that the distribution could be concluded this week.

Frent by the Family maintains rejection

This Tuesday, the National Front for the Family in Aguascalientes expressed its discontent with the delivery of textbooks designed by the Ministry of Public Education

(SEP) for the 2023-2024 school year.

The coordinator, Jaime Castro Chávez, pointed out that other amparo lawsuits related to the non-distribution of the materials are still pending, which have not received a provisional or definitive suspension.

Such protections were promoted by associations such as Por la Vida y la Familia en Aguascalientes AC, and the International Association of Private Educational Institutions of Aguascalientes.

Castro Chávez called on federal authorities to reverse the delivery of textbooks to classrooms. Likewise, he called on judges to pay attention to the protections that remain unaddressed.

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