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The declaration of agricultural land and crops will begin on May 2. – what can be done right now?

From April 15 farmers can electronically draw the boundaries of the fields to be declared in the Application Acceptance Information System (PPIS) and start filling out applications for the declaration of agricultural land and crops, which will be approved as soon as the official approval of the European Commission regarding the development of agriculture and rural areas in Lithuania 2023-2027 is received m. strategic plan changes.

Remote farmer consultations will also be held every Thursday. The first one will take place this Thursday, April 18, at 8 a.m.You can join the meeting here.

Declaring agricultural land and crops is one of the most important processes in agriculture, so farmers and state institutions are actively preparing for it.

Specialists of the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Payment Agency, and the Agricultural Data Center of VĮ will advise farmers on the issues of good agricultural and environmental conditions, requirements for managing agricultural activities, and rules for direct payments. The remote connection link will be published on the website of the Ministry of Education and Social Media as the event approaches.

Those who have questions related to the declaration of crops can also send them by e-mail. by post [email protected].

The National Payment Agency has published a special information newspaper, which is published on the NMA and ŽŪM websites, and will be distributed free of charge in precincts. In the newspaper, farmers can find the most up-to-date information on direct payments and support under other programs related to land and livestock. It also provides detailed advice to farmers on what to pay attention to in order to avoid sanctions, introduces the field monitoring system, the inspection schedule and other 2024 regulations. relevant information. We invite you to read the newspaper here.

This year, the declaration of agricultural land and other areas will take place from May 2. until June 21 Late applications will be available until July 1.

The start of the declaration of agricultural land and other areas has been postponed two weeks later – to May 2, because the EC has not received the formal 2023-2027 Lithuanian Agriculture and Rural Development. approval of strategic plan change.

Changes in the strategic plan were made to create more favorable conditions for farmers. One of them is related to the recalculation of the reference size of perennial meadows and pastures (with this change, the reference area is planned to be reduced by as much as 82 thousand ha in 2018).

The change of the strategic plan is informally coordinated with the EC, all changes are integrated into the approved rules for declaring agricultural land and other areas.

Information from the Ministry of Agriculture

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