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The Dangers of Eating Bread Before Bedtime: A Nutritionist’s Expert Advice

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Thursday 08 June 2023

Dr. Yelena Solomatina, a Russian nutritionist, advised not to eat white bread before bed, as it may cause weight gain.

And the expert points out that it is better not to eat bread in the evening and at night because it contains carbohydrates, that is, energy that must be spent, according to the Russian newspaper Izvestia.

She says, “The body is inactive at night, because it sleeps. Therefore, if the energy it received is not spent, it will turn into fat that will accumulate in the body.”

According to her, in the evening period, you should refrain from even eating whole grain bread, because the dietary fibers contained in it give the body energy in doses, yet it turns into fat that accumulates in the body.

She adds that it is better to eat bread in the morning or with lunch, in which case the body will have enough time to spend the energy it has received. And she recommends eating whole grain bread because it does not cause sudden spikes in the level of sugar in the blood.

Solomatina had previously confirmed that white bread contains white flour, water and yeast, meaning that it is, in fact, “sugar”.

According to her, eating white bread can lead to type 2 diabetes, significant weight gain, and insulin resistance. Therefore, whole grain bread and rye bread are better for health.

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