The Dangers of Cosmetic Injections: Krysta Carson’s Experience and Warning

In 2015, American Krysta Carson (52) decided to get fillers in her face, and she was delighted with the result.

Five years later, she received another injection in her left cheek.

She regrets it bitterly now.

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Thought she was in safe hands

Carson, who was then working as a model and artist, was due to perform at a wedding shortly.

She wanted to remove the smile lines ahead of this, and sought out a cosmetic clinic in Seattle.

– I felt that I was in safe hands, so I signed a contract that warned against some bruising and swelling, and the risk of infection. There was nothing else there that worried me, she tells the news agency Kennedy News.

AFTER: Krysta Carson shows off her prosthetic nose. Photo: Private Show more

Started to snow

When Carson returned home, she developed a series of symptoms that she describes as “strange”.

– The skin tingled. It went numb, and I started to sneeze, she says.

The symptoms got worse and worse. Carson called the clinic, which asked her to come back right away.

There, the doctor must have admitted that he had hit a blood vessel.

– “It gets worse before it gets better”, he said, the 52-year-old tells.

PANICKED: Krysta Carson looked like this a few days after the injection. Photo: Private Show more

– Hanging and dangling

He promised her that she would be perfectly fine again after six months – but that was not the case.

She suffered large wounds on her cheek and left nostril.

– Suddenly the left nostril fell off. It hung and dangled in a thin flap of skin, says Carson.

“Man flu” was a dread disease

She says that it felt as if both the left side of her nose and mouth had caught fire.

– I was completely shocked. I was terrified. I got post-traumatic stress disorder after seeing how my face practically caught fire, melted and fell off, she says.

WITHOUT NOSTRILS: This is what Krysta Carson looked like after the wounds had healed. Photo: Private Show more

Got necrosis

Carson saw another doctor, who raised the alarm.

She had developed necrosis and had to be treated immediately.

Necrosis is local cell and tissue death, according to Large Norwegian encyclopedia.

It is caused by conditions that destroy the cells’ local environment, such as reduced or interrupted blood supply, extreme temperatures such as burns or frostbite, poisoning, immune reactions or certain infections.

– The doctor who inserted the syringe was clumsy and reckless. Because there was a large amount of rags, and a large blood vessel, there was extra damage, she explains.

Was just going to eat noodles – lost my legs

Lose weight

Her mouth became very swollen, and she could barely eat.

She says that she lost 13 kilos in 30 days.

When the wounds had finally healed, she sought out a doctor who specializes in reconstructive surgery.

– He took off the bandages and gave me a mirror. He said that the nostril was not going to grow back and that it could not be reconstructed. I completely lost the spark of life, she says.

Pregnant woman (30) struck by a state of terror

Impossible to work

Carson says she quickly realized she was going to lose her modeling and artist job.

– I just knew it. You can’t do this when you don’t have a face, she says.

As it was impossible to reconstruct the nostril that had fallen off, she was given a prosthesis.

– I don’t know how I would have survived without the prosthesis, she says.

BEFORE: Krysta Carson before she started the cosmetic treatments. Photo: Private Show more

Stays far away

Krysta Carson says that she now stays far away from cosmetic treatments, and that she wants to warn others against the same.

– It is very important to me that this does not happen to others. If I, who took this for many years and thought it was completely safe, there may be others out there who think the same, she concludes.

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