“The Danger of Elderly Scooters: Provinces Begin to Ban and The Potential Legal Consequences”

Many provinces will be blocked! The old man’s accident can constitute a crime of causing traffic accidents. Grandpas can only buy new energy vehicles and take a driver’s license?

Fast Technology News on April 22, illegal electric three- and four-wheeled vehicles are also called “elderly scooters” by many people. However, this is just a “false concept” fabricated by the merchants. These electric three- and four-wheeled vehicles actually have potential safety hazards, and the drivers must have corresponding qualifications.

In fact, after Jiangsu, Beijing has also begun to ban “Old Tou Le”, and more provinces will join the ranks in the future.

According to the Worker’s Daily learned from the People’s Court of Chaoyang District, Beijing,After sorting out, the court’s cases involving motor vehicle traffic accident liability disputes involving elderly scooters in recent years have the characteristics of illegal driving, unlicensed driving, and high casualty rate. Driving an elderly scooter to cause a major traffic accident can constitute a crime of causing a traffic accident.

In recent years, the seemingly convenient and fast elderly scooters have seriously affected the urban traffic order, and there are many safety hazards. At present, most of the elderly scooters are typical illegal electric three- and four-wheelers. In July 2021, five departments including the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly issued a circular stating that from January 1, 2024, illegal electric three- and four-wheeled vehicles will not be allowed to drive on the road.

For example, in one case, the defendant A placed an order online to buy a certain brand of new energy adult scooter for the elderly. When A was driving an electric four-wheeled vehicle without a license plate, he knocked down pedestrian B, causing B to be injured and the vehicle damaged. Later, A drove a vehicle and fled the scene of the accident. Afterwards, it was determined that A was mainly responsible for the accident. The four-wheeled electric vehicle driven by A was identified as a pure electric vehicle and belonged to the category of motor vehicles.

For another example, in an accident last year, a so-called “elderly scooter” had an accident with a passenger car while changing lanes, resulting in the death of an 80-year-old driver, who was still responsible for half of the accident.

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