The Crown Season 6: Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Romance, Princess Diana’s Death, and More

The closing episodes of ‘The Crown’ highlight, among other things, the romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton. It also tells the story of the prince who struggles with his return to university after the death of his mother, Princess Diana. The final part also celebrates Queen Elizabeth’s 50th anniversary and looks at the future of the monarchy, with the wedding of her son Charles and his new partner Camilla in mind.

In addition to the well-known cast, some new faces will also appear. Ed McVey plays the role of Prince William, while Meg Bellamy plays the role of Kate. William’s younger brother Harry also makes an appearance in the final part of ‘The Crown’, played by Luther Ford.

The first four episodes, which appeared on Netflix in November, focused on the death of Princess Diana. This caused a stir, especially due to criticism of the dramatic portrayal of Princess Diana’s death and its aftermath. In both the American and British media it was said: “How would you feel if your mother’s death was so strongly dramatized?”

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