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the creative director reveals interesting background on the development

A series of tweets from the creative director of Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout, Jeff Tanton, revealed tons of details about the development process and older game titles.

Initially the project was called Fool’s Gauntlet and featured a single obstacle course for 100 players, whose winner would receive a small reward as a prize. Things have changed over time and due to technical issues the number of players has been reduced to 60 and the game structure has changed dramatically to embrace sequenced mini-games. The title has also undergone some changes and was first changed to Stumble Chums (name of a trophy / achievement) and then in the well-known Fall Guys.

Not even the appearance of the protagonists remained unchanged and, as you can see in the images accompanying the tweets below, the funny giant beans had a very different shape at the dawn of development. The first prototypes made it possible to control avatars with a similar shape but a less fun and more “bad” aspect, which perhaps would not have had the same appeal towards the public.

Before leaving you to some of Tanton’s many posts, we remind you that this very evening Fall Guys has been updated with some major changes to team games.

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