The Covid-19 Case Continues to Rise Due to the Community Considering the Situation is Normal: National Legal

JAKARTA – The number of positive cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia has increased, until Thursday, August 6, the total number of Covid-19 cases totaled 118,753.

Epidemiologist from Airlangga University (Airlangga University) Laura Navila Yamani assessed that public compliance in implementing health protocols was only 80 percent. In addition, there are some people who think that today has returned to normal.

“Many people think this has returned to normal, so the application is increasingly difficult for the community to do,” Laura said.

In addition, the increase in the Covid-19 case was due to the abolition of the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) system and the indiscipline of citizens in implementing health protocols.

“For example, the application of health protocols is disciplined, some are not. So it is increasingly difficult to make predictions because the intervention cannot be measured anymore because the PSBB policy is gone and there is an increasing factor of cases still occurring,” Laura said when confirmed Okezone , Thursday (7/8/2020).

That is what according to Laura, that in Indonesia can not be predicted when the peak spread of the corona virus. The peak of the Covid-19 case, said Laura, if in an area experienced a drastic decrease related to the case of the spread of the corona virus.

“Because if we reach the peak when we have a gently sloping area, if we want to make the peak we must go down first. Now we want to go down still high and bumpy and this has not yet reached the peak,” Laura concluded.


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