The council collapsed every time at the meeting. ‘Comrade Saeng’ complained about Big Thu. MPs didn’t come in – the minister didn’t come. Why are you staying?

At 1:30 p.m. on February 2, at the parliament at the meeting of the House of Representatives with Mr. Supachai Phosu The 2nd Vice-President of the Council served as the meeting chairman. After acknowledging the report on the receipt and payment of the budget for the fiscal year 2022, the meeting proceeded to the agenda on the matter of urgency on the draft bill on the establishment of the tax court and tax court procedures. Issue No..B.E.…. The Cabinet (Cabinet) was proposed following last week’s meeting. which is in the process of voting but the quorum is not complete Therefore, today it is in the process of reviewing the quorum for voting.

Mr. Supachai pressed the buzzer to summon members into the meeting room for about 15 minutes, but the MPs in the meeting room were still thin, most of them were only the Pheu Thai Party (PT.), the Democrat Party (NACC), the Kao Klai Party (Kor. .g.) address for the quorum because preparing to propose a draft Amendment Act on Fisheries B.E. 2558 B.E. fishing in offshore seas protection of fishermen fishing business Supporting entrepreneurs in the amount of 7 issues that all 3 parties participated in proposing to the meeting. While there are no MPs for the PTP Party in the meeting room

until many MPs protested especially Mr. Pichet Chua Mueang Phan, MP for Chiang Rai, DP Party asked Mr. Supachai to Please notify in your party’s line. Please follow MPs to attend the meeting. Mr. Supachai then said that if he asked for help, follow every party.

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while Mrs. Kantawan Tanthian Kulchanyawiwat Phang Nga MPs, Democrat Party, debate asking all parties to stop playing political games. jointly represented as a quorum because the fishermen are waiting for the draft of the Fisheries Act

make Mr. Kru Manit Sangpoom MPs for Surin, PT Party, argued that the PT Party did not play political games. Because there are only 2 objections: the draft Cannabis and Marijuana Act and the National Education Act. who do not want to pass But maintaining the quorum is the government’s duty to control the quorum.

“Now there are many MPs who have moved parties. heavier than the bull market Buffalo market in my home again In the past, moving only 1-2 party members was considered a big deal. must find the cause It’s not like this decade where everything has moved. I challenge you that, if the administration is not possible, the House of Representatives can be dissolved altogether, ”said Mr. Khru Manit.

Until Mr. Supachai said, “I would like to vent some. Yes, I won’t be uncomfortable. I intend to become an MP this round. intend to come to work fully Even I am the vice president. When he ascended the throne, he acted as president. When he came down from the throne, he went to serve as a member to help form a quorum. always tried to do I saw this atmosphere Do not say that ye are weary. I’m also fed up. If possible, I want to demand like Mr. Teacher Manit. that General Prayut Chan-o-cha, if he heard it, he would hasten to dissolve the parliament because MPs did not want to hold a meeting The minister refused to answer questions at the meeting. Why are you staying? I have a feeling that I want to vent too.”

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After that, another 2-3 members were allowed to express their opinions. When he saw that the quorum was still lacking, Mr. Supachai informed that there were currently 190 members, which was considered incomplete. Then ordered the meeting to close at 1:46 p.m., but Mr. Pichet Chua Muang Phan, MP for Chiang Rai, the DP Party, shouted in the garden that “Proud of Thailand, didn’t you come?”

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